Laura Legazcue is dancer, choreographer and teacher of tango that has comprehensive training in dance. Combines deep technical knowledge of tango, in different styles, as well as classical dance. She developed her career in artistic and pedagogical areas with professional passion.



  • Jury Tango World Championship in Buenos Aires 2011, Argentina.
  • Jury 9-Ball Championship in Buenos Aires (tango Metropolitan 2011)
  • Jury Tango Championship in Moscow, Russia 2012
  • In Japan as well as acting in the show “Tango Freedom” was sworn two consecutive years of “World Tango Competition in Tokyo” where he shared the examining table with Miguel Angel Zotto in 2006 and Carlos Copello in 2007.
  • Jury of the World Tango Championship 2011 subsede Uruguay
  • Dance Jury for the “Grant Funds 2008″ Ministry of Education and Culture of Uruguay.


  • As Carlos Copello dance partner, work on the show “Tango Red” Faena and as a companion of Jesus Velazquez in the Company “Esquina Carlos Gardel” for international tours.
  • Dancer in the Company of Roberto Herrera, 2017, 2016 Tour in Italy
  • Cia-Tango Dancer Desire
  • She dance in the most important festivals: Festival CITA on the show “The Night of the teachers’ and the Octopus Tango Festival weeks.
  • Was international company dancer “Cirque Goldbergs” on Broadway
  • First dancer Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Show and Voice Tango Tango in Buenos Aires
  • Orchestras: -Orch. Philharmonic of Uruguay, Tanghetto, Orq.ColorTango, Orq.Atilio Stampone.
  • Has danced and taught classes: Demián García, Angel Coria, Ariel Perez, Carlos Copello, Jesus Velazquez, Fabian Irusqui.
  • Have Come dancing all hired by the CID Uruguay: International Dance Council (subsidiary CUD)


  • Prize “Golden Condor” 2005, awarded the International Festival of St. Louis for his show “Tango Attraction” and the words “Tango City Illustrious” in Argentina.
  • Prize “Matos Rodriguez” 2010 awarded by the Uruguayan Federation of Tango (Tango Academy composed,
  • Joventango, Fundación Carlos Gardel, Julio Sosa Foundation, Commission Tributes to Juan D’Arienzo).
  • Prize first contest “Yougth Dance” given by the Municipality of Montevideo for his show “In the soul of a hat”( I thought, choreographed and directed).
  • At the national level in Uruguay managed two awards for “Best Dancer” in 1997 and 2000-DAECPU, Agadi, imm. young artist in Uruguay.
  • Award-Nominated “Outstanding Youth” 2006 Category: Attributes artistic, theater, TV and film, voted best young artist in Uruguay
  • Award “Best Performance Plastic” for his choreography in the 8th contest “Youth Theatre” of the Municipality
    of Montevideo.

She teaches classes in the most important schools of Buenos Aires Tango : “Escuela Argentina de Tango”, “Escuela Carlos Copello”, Milonga “La Catedral” and Milonga “Club Grisel”. She makes exhibitions and educational seminars in Europe, Asia and America.


  • Since 2005, choreographer, principal dancer and ballet director Tango Montevideo Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • Choreographer Tanghetto
  • Choreographer of the World Tango Summit 2007.
  • Currently is choreographer of the musical “The Last Tango” Alvaro Ahunchain. Featured Eunice Castro.
  • Choreographer of the show “Miss Uruguay” to Miss Universe
  • Choreographer of Músical “Tango Ballad and Chachachá” Omar Varela directs. Company Italy Fausta. She directed and dance the choreography in the show of assumption of Uruguayan President: Tabare Vazquez. Airing on TV the world.
  • Choreographer for the famous shows Nelson Mancebo Uruguayan producer for 7 years.
  • Choreographer and dancer of the shows launch of Season of the Ministry of Tourism of Uruguay, 2001, 2002,
    2003, 2004.
  •  Choreographer for Christian Dior in the releases of their products: Jadore, Dolce Vita, Hipnotic, Addict.


  • A several official mission tours: Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Brazil
  • The “ballet od Laura Lagazcue” is sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, the Cultural Departament of the Municipality of Montevideo and the World Trade Center in its eddorts to disseminate the Tango in the world


  • In Spanish classical dance and character-over 10 years
  • Body expression classes
  •  Piano and music theory-six years
  • Theatre Workshops
  • She ventured and perfected in different styles: Dance classes, Contemporary, Latin dances: Salsa, Merengue, Cha Cha, Mambo, Samba Brazilian
  • Tango, milonga and waltz has studied with the best teachers in Buenos Aires, many but the most concerning was his teacher Geraldine Rojas. Besides the cast having worked as dancers dance companion also enshrined enriched their knowledge in different styles and techniques of tango

Advertising Model:

  • Integrates the advertising staff Valentino Bookings Agency, Advertising and Montevideo Jazz Models. Acting  in commercials for various brands like coke, pepsi, subway and other for several countries.
  • International Company Model Christian Dior and Calvin Klein for their releases
  • Film: Uruguayan film Dancer the vineyard
  • TV: Since she has joined the stadd od several programs


  •  Bachelor of Science in Communication
  • From 2000 to 2006 he worked in casting, hiring, artists coordination, supervision costume, choreography and performance mount for the company and party producer Nelson Mancebo-maker for shows and corporate events.
  • Some companies for which she has worked: Philips, Texaco, Sheraton, Linx, Astral, Conrad, Radisson Victoria Plaza, Nh Columbia, Christian Dior, Calvin Klein, El País, Banco Santander, Banco Comercial, LATU, Haras del Lago, Lacrose , Bodega Santa Rosa, Bodega Juanico, Silvia Paradell, Cinema square, Channel 4, Bágatele Garden, Hotel del Prado, among many others.
  • Has produced two shows for theater own artistic: Tango attraction Condor won the gold prize at the Festival de Tango de San Luis, Argentina and in the soul of a hat dance prize won the contest organized by the municipality young Montevideo Uruguay.
  • She has shared the stage with: Horacio Ferrer, Raul Garello, Atilio Stampone, Maria Grana, Carlos Buomo, Daniel Cortez, Miguel Angel Zotto, J.Carlos Copes, Guillermo Fernandez, Suarez Paz among other great tango artists.
  • Legazcue belongs to the Association of Teachers, Choreographers and dancers of Tango Argentino (Partner No.: 756)
  • Facebook: Laura Legazcue I and II